Designing a Tool that helps children understand how Chatbots work. The tool would also assist Teachers, helping them to teach subjects that involves fictional or non-fictional characters(Such as History classes) to young children.


Part of my Project Assistantship with Professor Mark of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University…

With the help of User Studies, questioning the validity of the current UX Laws and their scope of usage.


An exploratory study done in collaboration with Yamini Gupta.

In this study we tried revisiting conclusions made by UX Laws, testing out their effectiveness and is their application during the design process really that useful. Before we started this project, we felt UX Laws missed out certain key areas that…

Tracking long term health ramifications of COVID-19, and how doctors, medical researchers, and health officials can keep track of this information to build future policies. Ideation of a movement and plan for same, named “Corona Kawach Abhiyaan” by Government of India.


Aditya Bansal and Yamini Gupta


7 Days

The Problem

COVID-19 is…

Aditya Bansal

A mélange of fantasies, IxD@DTU

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